Hairdresser On Fire

Hairdresser on Fire - Live From Morgue

Hairdresser On Fire, comes from Medan and established in August 2006. With Dew (Vocals), Cunin & ICAN (Guitar), Reza (Bass), Andrie (drums).

They were playing punk music with post-punk rhythm with a touch of metal and noise-indie rock.
The people call it art-punk.

For info about Hairdresser On Fire, Check out their Website below :

For further info, contact us:
Rachmadi Perdana (+6281316555362)

For Download Hairdresser on Fire - Live From Morgue (EP)
Track List :
- Hairdresser On Fire! - Battle Start! -
- Hairdresser On Fire! - Morgue -
- Hairdresser On Fire! - Tempayan Meradang (Cangis Cover) -

Hairdresser on Fire - Live From Morgue (EP)

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