VIXXEN - For The Punks

For The Punks

Vixxen is a punk band originating from kuala lumpur, malaysia. Front of vixxen is Colleens (Vocal), Ateh (Guitar), Ah Hong (Bass), Naim (drums), EJ (Lead Guitar). Vixxen mainly talks nothing of others but lifes as punks.The band are not a big fan of any ideologies system for that any nazis or peace labeling is not their main aim.We're here to promote our existence in the punk scene back in Malaysia and really we are tired of all this labelling has causes many misery back here and almost everywhere.For that this is what we it or just fuck it..we don't really care.

The band influences are such as X-ray spec and having a female voc has contributed to the synonym lyrics of self respect and talking of the reality growing up and being a punk. For More Info, check their bands page at [Myspace]

VIXXEN - For The Punks

Track Lists :
VIXXEN - Vixxen
VIXXEN - Run Away
VIXXEN - Everything's OK
VIXXEN - Never Be Me
VIXXEN - Mr Life's A Waste
VIXXEN - I Hate Police
VIXXEN - Identity
VIXXEN - 2 Minute 2 Late
VIXXEN - Rockin' Midnite Hour
VIXXEN - Cheap Sex


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